Happy Birthché

Dearest Ate Mia, We hope you are having a radical and revolutionary birthday!! Love Always, Chémund and Chémela

Taking It to the Steets

Many travel blogs and forums spoke of how Buenos Aires is a great city to discover by foot. Since we got a pretty good lay of the land from our walking tour and driving tour, we set out on a longer excursion today with the end goal of eating at Caseros, a restaurant in San Telmo. Since it was Sunday, there was an immense sense of calm and quiet over the city. Many businesses were closed and there also seemed to be less traffic than usual. We meandered through the streets and got sucked in by the tantalizing odors for […]

Local Hospitality

It is very comforting to know someone local, when in a foreign country. We rented our apartment for the week from Silvia, who is our friend Carolina’s aunt. http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/183454 From welcoming us into her home to loaning us a computer to organize our photos, she has been so helpful in welcoming us to the city. We spent Saturday afternoon with Silvia and her husband, Silvio, who drove us around Buenos Aires to see some of the highlights the city has to offer, including Boca and San Telmo. We also strolled around Puerto Madero, which is one of the three major […]

Meat-evil X, Part 2

Argentina, as many of you know, is really famous for their beef and malbec. Though we received many recommendations about where to experience a parrilla, our hunger on the night of February 24th made it imperative to find something close by. Thanks to the internets, we found Río Alba. First, we decided on our wine For our main course, we ordered the “mixed grill for two” Needless to say, that thing could have fed 6 people easily.. for two days! The only down side was that it included parts like intestines and liver We tried them anyway, but could not […]

“It doesn’t look European, it is European”

Sol, our www.bafreetour.com guide, told us a lot about the culture and history of Buenos Aires and about the locals (porteños) which made us appreciate this place so much more. Most interesting lessons: “Chamuco” – slang for “bull shitting” to make a story more appealing Politics – Sol is very passionate about Argentinean history and politics. The country has only established a democracy in her lifetime, 29 years ago, and now 80% of all citizens vote. That’s a lot to be proud of and makes us think that what we have back home can easily be taken for granted. Health […]