Night Court

Our overnight bus ride from Antalya to Cappadocia could only be described through Raymund’s experience. He recounted this to Brent via e-mail and the story is too good to leave off the blog. – From: Raymund M. Date: Tue, May 1, 2012 at 5:14 PM Subject: Re: court(ting) gestures To: Brent F. Background: Court jester is a local bar in Matawan, a couple of minutes from where we live. On the bus ride from Antalya to Goreme, I was sitting at the back of the bus on the right side of the equivalent of “bitch” (the very last seat at […]

Easily Distracted

Often times the beauty of travel is having no plans — being able to do whatever, whenever, without any consequence. Even better is actually having a plan which is then subverted by other plans. We had a full day to stay in Antalya, another one of Turkey’s idyllic coastal locales. The sinuous streets took a while to get a hang of, but after several iterations we set our sights on finding the Old Town. Not long after we forgot about our original intent because we came across two of our new-found Turkish favs: Lokum (or Turkish Delight) and cheap Efes […]

Kas Money I love Turkey!

Yes. Our experience of Kas warranted a Van Damme reference. We were hit with options — too many options — of where on the coast to stay between Pamukkale and Antalya where we’d board the infamous overnight bus to Cappadocia. Olympos and stay in a tree house? Bodrum? Cirali? Fethiye? Still not sure of why we chose Kas, but the lazy coastal town allowed us to slow down our pace a bit. Aside from the coast, there weren’t too many touristic sites in the town. It only took us a couple of hours to find the Lycian caves and rock […]

We’re Not on the 139 Anymore

We never looked at each other with such bewilderment as often as while we traveled through Turkey via bus, especially our trip from Pamukkale to Kas. Only on the intra-Turkey bus lines would one find any of the following: The bus picks up a mysterious looking man by the side of the road who later takes over for the bus driver In the middle of the hills, with virtually no one in sight, a passenger briefly disembarked to deliver a package to an unassuming woman standing on the side of the road. Bus stops don’t exist. Passengers are dropped off […]

Moonwalking & Snowshoeing

Calcium Carbonate. We love this stuff. Not only is it used for antacids and blackboard chalk (riveting), it’s also the main component of the travertines of Pamukkale. We’ve seen these snow-like plateaus in pictures but whoababy did we make our experience of it a unique one. Our bus from Selcuk dropped us off in the early afternoon and we were eager to walk right over to Hierapolis and Pamukkale. The owner of the Melrose House Hotel, where we were staying for the night, advised us to wait until the late afternoon to make our journey to avoid the blazing heat […]