¿Dónde está nuestro primo?

Here he is! The story of that mysterious green bottle (and why Kuya Adler is so happy to be holding it) will come at a later time. Ever since we met Tyler in Japan over a month ago, we’ve been devoid of seeing anyone familiar. When we told our family and friends about our crazy round the world trip, we invited them to join us for a leg or two and Kuya Adler was the only person who took us up on that offer. It almost felt like we were on our way home as our taxi driver shuttled through […]

Elveda Türkiye!

We only had two weeks in this country and there’s still so much more to see — the coastal town of Cirali, Mount Nemrut, and Göbekli Tepe. Maybe one day. For now, we carry our love of kebabs, history, and walking (everywhere) onto our next destination: España!

Turkish Delights

“Yes, tours are okay, but, for me I can sit here and look at this… …all day.” This is the wise opinion of our hotel owner, Mehmet, when we asked him about the tour we took of the underground city Derinkuyu the previous day. Taking his advice, we decided to spend our last day in Turkey updating our blog, reading, and backing up photos against this beautiful backdrop. Half way through the day, our hankering for more Turkish food (we really couldn’t get enough) prompted us to head into town for pide. Not only did we get pide, but we […]

Down Under

Queue Indiana Jones soundtrack We went deep… 53 meters into the center of the earth. Armed with our trusty guide we descended down narrow corridors, bypassing infinite abysses and death drops, with only the derriere of our fellow tourist in sight. Okay. This is an exaggeration. While we did venture into the depths of Derinkuyu, our safety was never at risk. The drops were covered with grates and the only injury one could incur was a bump on the head if not cautious enough. Derinkuyu was one of the underground cities that were built as a refuge for Christians from the […]

Flintstones & Foragers

Rocks. Big ones. Weird ones. Rock churches. Sounds like a place where the faithful gather on Sundays and the choir belts out some Springsteen. Unfortunately, the rock churches we visited at the Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia were established for worshipers who were escaping religious persecution. A whole network of churches and living quarters were made in these formations originally created by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. We channeled our inner Flintstone to understand (and when appropriate, imitate) how the cave dwellers lived. One slab of rock was a table. Some indentations in the walls were used for […]