Third Times a Carm

If so much goodness could come from such tight and informal quarters of the Bocqueria, we were dying to indulge in some of the highest quality preparation as well. We were particularly curious about the culinary conquests of the infamous Adria brothers. Anthony Bourdain has featured El Bulli twice on No Reservations and it is no surprise that the popularity of this Michelin 3-star restaurant has managed to maintain quite a buzz despite its closing in the summer of 2011. We had heard of  Tickets, a tapas bar featuring Catalonian cuisine brought to life by the genius minds of Ferran […]

Tourist Fail Avoided

An emergency breakfast run had us leaving the apartment for some coffee and pastries at Cafe Tomas, the corner spot just below our apartment. Reconnaissance naturally followed as there were a few recommended restaurants and bars in our neighborhood that we were interested in locating for future reference. Before we knew it, we found ourselves at the foot of Las Ramblas and fast approaching La Bocqueria. Dare we enter such a festival of eye candy without our beloved cameras?! Hell no! We swallowed our pride-filled distaste for backtracking and returned to the apartment. The reward included tons of sensory treats. […]

Power In Numbers

As challenging and fun as it was to be traveling on our own for the past couple of months, there is a certain je ne se qua having power in numbers while tackling new territory. With a larger wolf pack, albeit only by one, it allowed for more options and opportunities. The extra muscle was especially welcome and was conducive to the late night festivities we were yearning for. It is under these circumstances that we inadvertantly learned one of the most important lessons from our round the world journey: I don’t care how much you think you can drink, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day   Happy Anniversary to No Wrong Turns!

Sorry, folks. Valentine’s Day has forever been ousted from our celebratory schedule by a more significant event. One year ago today we boarded our first of many long haul flights. Bags meticulously packed, anxious, and excited we started our 15 hour trip to Rio de Janiero via Panama City. It’s only fitting that we get back into our blogging groove on the day it all began. We only wish we could’ve pacified the fears we had on that flight with how we feel now, knowing that we’d eat all the sushi we could have ever wanted in Japan, conquer our fear […]

Happy Holidays from No Wrong Turns!!

Hello Readers! According to our last blog post, we’re in Spain. Sadly, we’re still not feasting on jamón since we probably would’ve turned into one by now. We returned stateside in May and spent the past several months reuniting with all our loved ones, grubbing on our local treats (hello there, Jimmy Max), and getting back into the work groove. Oh! and the innocuous travel bug didn’t stay away for too long and prompted a month long cross country trip. No passports needed. Our blog fell to the wayside amidst all these funsies, but there are many more strange stories, […]