Bolo de Rolo com Sorvete

So good, it deserves it’s own post!!!

We like to think that this little discovery had everything to do with our location. If it wasn’t for Anja’s apartment in Leblon, we probably would never have found this amazing little treat right across the street.

On Av. Ataulfo de Paiva between R. Almirante Guilhem and R. Carlos Gois is a tiny spot called, Armazém do Café. Sure, they are more known for their coffee (which we actually didn’t even try) but the bolo de rolo com sorvete is the absolute perfect balance of flavors, temperature and texture. It is essentially a warm guava purée filled cake rolled and sliced into little slivers served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate fudge.



Obviously, they went pretty heavy with the fudge the second time around and even threw in more bolo! That’s what happens when tourists show face twice in three days…





Unfortunately, we just missed it on our last night, as we watched them close in front of our eyes :*(

Carmela will definitely try and make it back home..

3 thoughts on “Bolo de Rolo com Sorvete

  1. I’m definitely impressed on how you can find absolutely delectable food anywhere! You two should be food seekers( if there’s such a thing) or critics. Hmmm! I’ll try to coin a name for the two of you. Enjoy your gastronomical (????) journey!

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