Tchau, Rio!

We spent hours trying to find the right spot to stay in Rio, especially since the area hikes up prices for Carnaval. We debated staying in the other Zona Sul neighborhoods but are so glad we chose Leblon and Anja’s apartment. It was ideal for our week-long stay in Rio for Carnaval since it’s located just two blocks from the beach and amidst many great restaurants and cafes. Aside from the apartment itself, Anja was a very caring host. She took time to show us around the neighborhood and was also super responsive to our numerous questions about Rio before […]

Meat-evil X

Meat-evil (mēt ee-vuhl): 1. n. The subsequent anger following a meal at a traditional Brazillian churrascaria 2. Meat so good, it’s bad 3. v. The act of consuming the aforementioned meat 4. Illustrated below

“Canta Tijuca, Vem Comemorar…”

As each day passed and Carnaval drew nearer, it was very evident that what we were about to experience would be unlike anything we have ever seen before. From about 11:30am until roughly 3:30am, there would be waves of crowds roaming the streets often in costume and almost always inebriated. Men would typically be dressed in drag or shirtless with their t-shirts used to create a makeshift fanny pack. Women preferred to wear cat-ear headbands and tutus. Cop-out(fit)s usually involved afros, leis, and various masks, face paint or oversized geeky frames. It was as if we happened across a massive […]

Bolo de Rolo com Sorvete

So good, it deserves it’s own post!!! We like to think that this little discovery had everything to do with our location. If it wasn’t for Anja’s apartment in Leblon, we probably would never have found this amazing little treat right across the street. On Av. Ataulfo de Paiva between R. Almirante Guilhem and R. Carlos Gois is a tiny spot called, Armazém do Café. Sure, they are more known for their coffee (which we actually didn’t even try) but the bolo de rolo com sorvete is the absolute perfect balance of flavors, temperature and texture. It is essentially a […]

“Climb Every Mountain..”

Ever since we went through Pre Cana in preparation for our wedding, we have tried to make it a point to pray with each other. What started from a mere suggestion in our classes had a rough start as emotions struggled to surface freely. With frequency and much practice, it has evolved into a very important part of our growth as a couple – essentially, it helps us to strip away any of the superficial distractions that create an overwhelming sense of uneasiness and anxiety. Our journey to Corcovado was less a “must-see” tourist attraction, but more of an experience […]

“Relaxation Loop”

Have you ever seen Portlandia? There is this short skit that is all too familiar to the urban, first-world lifestyle involving a technology loop (click to watch) Here, on the expanse of beaches in Rio, it is the exact opposite! Sure there are those occasional few cariocas walking around with “bobo” phones, as my homie Bertie likes to call it. But, for the most part, you won’t catch the masses bowing slavishly to their electronic extensions every five seconds. We walked along the beach from posto 11 in Leblon to Parque Garota de Ipanema (where Ipanema ends and Copacabana begins). […]

Venturing Out of Our Comfort Zona Sul

After our first somewhat stressful attempt at navigating through Rio’s public transportation system… we successfully picked up our tickets for Carnaval at the Sambodromo… found some local street art… and the Cathedral of San Sebastian… which led us to Lapa! Finally, we decided to replenish ourselves with some grub and drinks… …and to all those who say you’re too old to go out and have a good time, check out how it’s really done!!

¿Hablas español?

Yesterday, we mainly hung around Leblon, checking to see what it has to offer and handling some logistics. The pace is much slower than back home but not provincial Philippines status. I’m most drawn to the idea of having beaches within walking distance from city life, all of which has a view of mountains! Soooo dooope!! Today we are going to Lapa/Santa Teresa area to pick up our tickets then hang out.. maybe go check out the MOMA. For a city this big with so much to offer, I still prefer being shown around, not because of safety, but because […]

One of our first loves of Rio: bread stuffed with cheese

It took us nearly 15 hours to get to Rio. After a couple hours of sleep we ventured out into the city with the guidance of our lovely airbnb host, Anja. She showed us around a bit and helped us get a cell phone. The rest of the day was spent exploring and eating… Lots of cheese. Pao de Queijo Croissant with cheese and ham Sandwich with banana and cheese – pure genius Oh yea.. We did have some fruit too… Coconut water (no more Zico for us!) right on the beach Acai smoothies – the real deal