A Very Good Bye

A dark road, flashlights, and newfound friends… That’s how we stared our last day on Easter Island. Teresa and Berni had rented a car the previous day and picked us up around 6am to head to Tongariki for the sunrise. We were one of the few cars on the road leading to the site, but once we arrived we were in the company of several others, flashlights in hand, to wait for the sun to awake. It took some time, but it was well worth the wait.. and the ant bites from sitting around patiently. Here we all are… Happy […]

My Grandfather Planted that Tree

After such a full and exhausting day, we had a pretty rough start this morning. Luckily, we scheduled a day trip with Alvaro (and many other guests at the hotel) in a van. He told us many fascinating stories about Rapa Nui history and his family’s contributions that it was somewhat hard to believe it all, especially when he pointed to the various palm trees and said his grandfather planted them. But after seeing pictures of Alvaro’s grandfather at Rano Raku restoring the first Moai, we knew we we’d be foolish to doubt him. The highlights of our excursion included […]

“Dirty” Dancing

Though still high off of our adventurous trek, we agreed more ground would be covered if we utilized some other mode of transportation. So immediately after breakfast, we rented a couple of bicycles and set off on another loop recommended by Alvaro. The plan of attack was: -Puna Pau: the quarry where the top knots, or pukau, were built -Ahu Akivi: the popular site where seven Moai look outward toward the ocean in the direction from where they came (all the others face inland as a form of protection to each village) -Hike up Te Revaka,the tallest mountain on Isla […]

Volcanoes and Cliffs and Caves… Oh my!!

Our second day on Easter Island was a perfect example of how hard work pays great returns. Armed with 4 liters of water in hand and 4 large empanadas in our bellies (collectively), we were ready to discover the south western part of the island. We bought some hand-pressing (rechargeable) flash lights and began our trek with a stop at Ana Kai Tangata, which was both an important ceremonial site and where they built small canoes. If you look carefully at the sign, you will notice the fine print in the bottom right: Caves are unsafe. Caves could collapse in […]

Off and… Walking

As soon as we stepped off the plane on Easter Island, we knew that we didn’t want to waste a moment of our time here. Here is an aerial shot we took just before landing.. Alvaro, the owner of our hotel, greeted us at the airport with fresh leis (corones). Choosing his place proved to be extremely beneficial since he was born here and his grandfather was actually the first mayor of the island and the first to re-raise one of the fallen Moai back in 1956. After arriving at the hotel, he gave us a thorough run down of […]

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth (Seriously)

Countless times on this trip, we’ve declared that a spot was “the most beautiful thing” we’ve ever seen. Only minutes after getting off the plane on Easter Island, we realized that this really is the most unique and remarkable place we’ve ever been. This is going to be a tough one to beat. Here are just some of the reasons why: It is the most remote place on earth The closest inhabited island is just under 1,300 miles away. We can feel how quiet and relaxed this place is. The sky at night is stunning – by far the most […]

House Hunters

We found our dream home(s)! Well, almost… On our third and, sadly, last day in Santiago we went to explore the city in usual fashion, by foot. We started off with no real direction in mind and found ourselves heading up an incredibly steep hill in a residential neighborhood and onto the street of our dream home, Las Peñas. Each house had its own unique design and views of the entire city of Santiago. We both instantly felt like this was a place that we could see ourselves living. The street is really peaceful with views of the mountains but […]

Santiago by Day and Night

With only a few days in Santiago, we wanted to make the most of our short time here. After our long bus ride and barely any food all day, we indulged in some Chilean flavors including conger eels, pollo al pil pil and pisco sours over at Liguria (thanks Hector!) Then we admired the night skyline from our roof The next day we took the funicular up to the Statue of the Virgin – not quite as massive as Corcovado – atop Parque Metropolitano, but easily blessed with some of the most inspirational views in South America Instead of riding […]

Driving Through the Andes

We hopped on another bus to head from Mendoza to Santiago, Chile. Though it definitely did not compare to the all the bells and whistles of our last bus, the ever changing Andes more than made up for it. The roughest part of the drive was about 3 hours at the border crossing, but even that wasn’t terrible thanks to a four legged cop. We placed all our belongings on a table and then they sent a cute golden retriever around to sniff through the luggage to make sure they were free of fruits, honey and other forbidden items.