Makalawena – Our First Hawaiian Beach

New. Fresh. Young. These are the words that first come to mind when describing the Big Island, Hawaii. I never thought that one could refer to an island as young, especially one that is about 700,000 years old (that’s over twenty thousand years times my own lifetime!). The Hawaiian Islands were formed over millions of years and the chain is still growing at a rate of 3.5 inches per year towards the northwest. So, as you follow the islands from Big Island (youngest) to Kauai (oldest), there is about 1 million years separating them in age. See here for a more detailed explanation. There’s nothing like stepping onto rocks […]

A Cold Sunset on Mauna Kea

If you’ve ever hung around me more than 2 minutes, you would know that I really don’t like being cold. I’m one of the few women out there that absolutely loathes shopping (you’re welcome Raymund), but few things make me happier than a good comfy scarf. I have more scarves than socks and underwear combined! Jokes. Maybe. You would think that scarves have no place in Hawaii. And you’d be wrong. Air conditioning and direct gusts of air from electric fans give me the shivers. All kidding aside, there are mountain tops so high that climate zones shift from “dry/arid” to “tundra” in under […]

No Wrongs Turns Loves Hawaii

Iao Valley State Park

We Love Hawaii. This is a definite understatement. Anyone who’s recently perused our Facebook or Instagram feeds knows that we fell, head over slippahs in love with these islands since we landed here back in December. We spent two months or so running lots of races and island hopping. Then we settled down a bit and got a mere taste of what it’s like to really live in Hawaii and it’s a life we’re hesitant to let go of just yet. What makes these islands so downright magical? While it’s a challenge to put into words, here’s our best shot. Food You […]