“Climb Every Mountain..”

Ever since we went through Pre Cana in preparation for our wedding, we have tried to make it a point to pray with each other. What started from a mere suggestion in our classes had a rough start as emotions struggled to surface freely. With frequency and much practice, it has evolved into a very important part of our growth as a couple – essentially, it helps us to strip away any of the superficial distractions that create an overwhelming sense of uneasiness and anxiety. Our journey to Corcovado was less a “must-see” tourist attraction, but more of an experience we are so thankful to have shared because of how closely it touches home.






Though, don’t get it twisted… we had our fair share of forced perspective too..




One thought on ““Climb Every Mountain..”

  1. What incredible pictures! What touched me more is the sentiments you wrote. When I read Carmela’s wedding anniversary greetings to us at your wedding, I meant every word I said. You, Ray, are perfect for our little girl. I know in my heart that you will always take care of her. You really are perfect for each other. I thank God every day that you found each other. It’s past midnight here so I’m a bit sentimental. Pardon me!
    Anyway, have fun! Don’t forget to post pictures of the festival. Missing you like crazy!!!

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