What to See & What to Eat on Maui

Yes, we love Hawaii. So much so that we want to share everything we loved about the islands in these quick guides that include our favorite sights and eats. This first installment is for the island of Maui.

To get a taste of what’s inside, here are our top 3 favorite eats:

  • Nalu’s South Shore Grill –  Local food with a cleaner twist. One of the few places where you can eat a loco mono without feeling shame or the weight of meat + gravy + eggs in your belly. Salads are loaded and actually make you full. You can also F* your cholesterol levels and get their chicken & waffles with maple bacon. Top your meal off with their malasadas or an oh-so-cliche-but-oh-so-necessary Mai Tai or both.
  • Eskimo Candy – Seafood & poke. It’s ALL good. This place gets super packed so get there early or channel your inner Gandhi while you wait for your so-fresh-I-don’t-need-teeth-to-eat-this poke.
  • Aunty Sandy’s Banana Bread – Served warm and was Carmela’s favorite “attraction” on the Road to Hana. She ate a loaf by herself and had more of a second loaf until her stomach hurt. We rarely recommend that you repeat our mistakes, but it’s so worth it. That’s what TUMS are for.
Chicken & Waffles, Nalu style
Chicken & Waffles, Nalu style

Ya hungry yet? Want more? Drop a George Washington and our guide is yours!

Mahalo & Happy Eating!

Team No Wrong Turns