After tapping into the excellent $4 bottles of wine in Buenos Aires, we were really excited to visit an actual winery. We toured three of them privately: Salestein, La Azul, and O. Fournier.

We got a glimpse of the Andes mountains on the way to the wineries.


Salestein was our first stop. It is a huge, modern winery with an art gallery, a chapel and even a posada on site. We toured the facility and got to taste some wines in the cellar.



In contrast to Salestein, La Azul is a small locally run winery with all the operations in one room. This was our favorite place from the friendly staff to the fabulous wine. We even got to drink wine syphoned straight from the barrel.



At our last winery, O. Fournier, we had a five course meal with wine (of course!) against a beautiful backdrop.



Following our meal, we were taken on a quick tour of the facility and shockingly, we immediately passed out on the car ride home.

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