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About Us


Hello World!

We are Carmela & Raymund, a NY-NJ bred couple, destined to be travel partners from the very beginning. We first met in Hawaii, eventually got engaged at Newark airport, later married in Mexico, and then honeymooned around the world. We spent about 6 months living in the Aloha State in 2016 and after a couple months back on the East Coast, jumped on a one way ticket to Asia.

Are there really No Wrong Turns? 

Okay. We didn’t really coin the term “No Wrong Turns,” but back in 2007, when Raymund moved to a new neighborhood, we abandoned the traditional routine of meticulously planning one weekend and simply jumped in the car and drove. At every new intersection, we picked a direction and just went for it. This serendipitous method led us to new furniture finds and our first taste of langoustine.

At the end of it all, our journey took us only a couple of miles away from home, but it is a world we would not have discovered had we pre-planned the day. There were, quite literally, no wrong turns that we could have made that day since we discovered meaningful experiences along the way.

We’ve carried that motto with us ever since, whether we’re exploring a new city or contemplating major life changes.

What is this blog about? 

On Valentine’s Day in 2012, we hopped on a plane to Rio, kicking off our three and a half month honeymoon around the world. We started this blog to keep our family & friends (Hi Mom!) updated on our travels. Now we’re resurrecting it because we realize how much we value the ability to relive our travels through the chronological accounts on this blog and we want to write about our more recent explorations – both at home and abroad.

We hope that it serves to inspire others to take a risk and reach for that seemingly impossible goal by trusting that there are No Wrong Turns ’cause there’s an adventure around every corner.

Thanks for reading!

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