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About Us - No Wrong Turns
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About Us


Hello World!

Carmela & Raymund grew up on opposite sides of the NJ-NY border. Despite only living 30 minutes away from each other, it took a fateful trip to Hawaii in 2005 for them to meet. This chance encounter has set the tone for the years that followed.

They got engaged at Newark airport, celebrated their marriage in Mexico, and spent almost four months honeymooning around the world. Eight years later, they maintain a location independent lifestyle on the road funded entirely through working remotely.

Raymund is a traveling artist. Carmela runs FLYTE. As children of immigrants and browner than your average travel couple on social media, they hope their stories and advice will inspire you to take a risk by trusting in the journey, particularly if it pushes you beyond your comfort zone and against the grain.

Whether exploring a new city or contemplating major life decisions, they believe that there are No Wrong Turns, because there’s an adventure around every corner.

Thanks for reading!

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