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Allure of Bangalore - No Wrong Turns
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Allure of Bangalore

Although our trip to Bangalore was nearly nine months ago, we remember it like it was our first taste of Mom’s chocolate chip cookies, the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time): excessively indulgent, yet leaving us egregiously insatiable.

If we could teleport there right now, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s IG would shamelessly be bombarded by the newly anointed “CEO of sliding into peoples’ DMs”, Carmela. In case you missed it, here’s The Nomadic Network zoom conference we hosted, where she recently earned that title.

Many of our remote working and location independence boxes were checked: fast internet, relatively walkable or commutable using public transportation, and affordable. Biggups to Ryan for graciously hosting us our entire stay. That was massive!

Believe it or not, we also had the most incredible dosas of our lives, even compared to our previous reigning champions hailing from Iselin, the self proclaimed and esoterically renowned Flavor Junction outside of India. For those that don’t know, Iselin is but a small piece of the U.S. county with the highest concentration of Asian Indians in the Western Hemisphere.

This is the same county where Carmela was born and raised, and we are proud to reside there when we are stateside.

I digress.

By far, the most unforgettable part was the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with the WeWork India family. Like every other memorable event in our lives, it rained. And it was incredible! We even got to sport some local threads for the occasion.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve put together another highlight reel to really take you on that journey and hopefully give you the same feels we get with every rewatch. Shout out to Covid-19 for freeing up crucial time to edit this footage. (Password: namaste)

Bangalore, like many of the other cities we visited in India, made us extremely excited to explore locally upon our next return to New Jersey. Who would be interested in joining a culinary investigation of Iselin and Middlesex in general? Hit us up!



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