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Chinatown Kobe: Take 2 - No Wrong Turns
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Chinatown Kobe: Take 2

You got a dozen?

Yea, a dozen.


You’ll thank me later.

Our tasting of Kobe’s Chinatown treats with Tyler left us wanting more. Our interest was particularly piqued at a spot with a line extending down the street selling pork buns. What’s so special about pork buns? Well, the bun itself is spongy and soft but didn’t stick to our mouths. The pork filling was juicy, just the right amount of salty and it tasted pork.. no mysterious bits of meat in there! A dozen was, in fact, the perfect amount.

In true Raymela fashion, we properly prefaced the buns with some peking duck, soup dumplings, jin deui, shrimp balls, and a noodle bowl. Later we worked off our meal with a couple kung fu kicks and Bruce Lee impersonations.



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