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Converting Vegetarians One "Big Al" at a Time - No Wrong Turns
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Converting Vegetarians One “Big Al” at a Time

We promised more details with the infamous burger that often plagues cab drivers with intoxicating smells on the airport runs for tourists itching to squeeze in their last fix before departing.

The only way it can be described, as cliche as this word has become, is epic!

Feast your eyes on …the Fergburger! Three rounds, and countless pounds (both consumed and gained).

Round 1: The Fergburger with cheese, and the Little Lamby with a side of fries (with all sauces), and Ferg’s Crumbed Calamari with wasabi mayonnaise

Round 2: The Codfather and Bombay Chicken with a side of onion rings and aioli sauce


Round 3: The Bun Laden and the Big Al with a side of fries and aioli sauce

(Just typing this makes us water at the mouth and eyes.)

The guy in the hat was one of these converts



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