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"Dirty" Dancing - No Wrong Turns
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“Dirty” Dancing

Though still high off of our adventurous trek, we agreed more ground would be covered if we utilized some other mode of transportation. So immediately after breakfast, we rented a couple of bicycles and set off on another loop recommended by Alvaro.

The plan of attack was:
-Puna Pau: the quarry where the top knots, or pukau, were built
-Ahu Akivi: the popular site where seven Moai look outward toward the ocean in the direction from where they came (all the others face inland as a form of protection to each village)
-Hike up Te Revaka,the tallest mountain on Isla de Pasqua
-If time allowed, we would try and visit some of the other noteworthy caves along the coast on the way back home

Murphy’s law had its way with us as we got lost twice on our way to the first stop. To make matters worse, it began to rain as the roads transitioned from asphalt to rocky dirt roads. We need not remind family and friends back home that we are not BMX trailblazers. Fortunately for us, the overcast skies and light rain was very refreshing in the sweltering heat.

We managed to rough it out to the first two locations then realized we didn’t pack any water –amateurs! In our defense, we assumed that the major locations would at least have a local stand nearby selling various forms of nourishment along the way.

In any case, we decided to pass on the hike, and do a quick peak at the caves en route along the coast. Somehow, we ended up at the local church in town. Apparently, we took a short cut route to Hanga Roa and skipped the coast altogether.

Once we found our bearings in town we made our way back to the coast and admired the rocky cliffs by the coastline. We also came across a boat that had unfortunately gotten stuck on some of the rocks.

Most amusing was the large group of tourists that convened along the coast and who seemed to follow us wherever we went. We managed to lose them once we left the coast, but as soon as we started enjoying our post-bike meal at Hetu ú, they soon took over the restaurant. Easter Island is small!

On the luckier side, Teresa and Berni walked by just as we were wrapping up our meal. We made plans to meet shortly after and led us to an unforgettable night full of Mahinas, a newfound love of Michaeladas, watching a couple of local Rapa Nui bands, and best of all dancing!!

Towards the end of the night, the band unexpectedly played a song that was most welcome because it reminded us of one of our favorite people from back home, Mr. JDiaz (www.fivethreetwo.com): “Happy birthday!!”



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