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Dolphins' Tails - No Wrong Turns
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Dolphins’ Tails

We’re officially party crashers.

Not the kind that show up uninvited to a house party with a measly six pack and a snack size bag of chips to share, but the type that points and snaps pictures of the jumping, dancing, and debauchery without taking part in the festivities.

Okay. We didn’t really crash a normal human party, but a venerable dolphin fiesta!

While sailing from one snorkel spot to another, our dhoni was surrounded by nearly a hundred dolphins. They scurried along side the ship, jumping up to say hello or get their picture taken. Groups also took turns strutting their stuff and flipping, in unison, while we cheered them on.

Normally, we’d delight at seeing just one or two of these graceful creatures, but this many? Unreal!



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