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Easily Distracted - No Wrong Turns
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Easily Distracted

Often times the beauty of travel is having no plans — being able to do whatever, whenever, without any consequence.

Even better is actually having a plan which is then subverted by other plans.

We had a full day to stay in Antalya, another one of Turkey’s idyllic coastal locales. The sinuous streets took a while to get a hang of, but after several iterations we set our sights on finding the Old Town. Not long after we forgot about our original intent because we came across two of our new-found Turkish favs: Lokum (or Turkish Delight) and cheap Efes beer. Where we found the latter also had some tasty grilled calamari, cheese filled cigarette shaped pastries and a view of the pier. Not bad for a diversion.

The following day we wanted to cover more ground so we took a very methodical approach: walk the opposite direction than we did yesterday. This technique did work since we found Karaalioglu Park and bargained for kebabs that only cost us 3 Lira (less than $2!). We clearly have priorities.



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