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Hablas Español? - No Wrong Turns
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Hablas Español?

Yesterday, we mainly hung around Leblon, checking to see what it has to offer and handling some logistics. The pace is much slower than back home but not provincial Philippines status. I’m most drawn to the idea of having beaches within walking distance from city life, all of which has a view of mountains! Soooo dooope!!

Today we are going to Lapa/Santa Teresa area to pick up our tickets then hang out.. maybe go check out the MOMA. For a city this big with so much to offer, I still prefer being shown around, not because of safety, but because it would take months to find the best (resataurants, desserts, etc.) as we have slowly been doing in NYC.

It’s also very apparent that the inability to speak Portuguese comes with an extra tax. Without Anja (our AirBnb host), it’s much harder to get around and pay for things. Spanish has been somewhat of a savior, especially at dinner last night when I asked for..

“Salsa picante.”



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