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Happy Valentine's Day   Happy Anniversary to No Wrong Turns! - No Wrong Turns
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Happy Valentine’s Day   Happy Anniversary to No Wrong Turns!

Sorry, folks. Valentine’s Day has forever been ousted from our celebratory schedule by a more significant event. One year ago today we boarded our first of many long haul flights. Bags meticulously packed, anxious, and excited we started our 15 hour trip to Rio de Janiero via Panama City.

It’s only fitting that we get back into our blogging groove on the day it all began.

We only wish we could’ve pacified the fears we had on that flight with how we feel now, knowing that we’d eat all the sushi we could have ever wanted in Japan, conquer our fear of snorkeling untethered in the Maldives, moonwalk in Pamukkale, and trek volcanoes on Easter Island.

…but then again the unknown of traveling is part of the fun. Right?


Our honeymoon took us over 38,000 miles around the world to 10 countries and 31 cities.

The world still has much more left for us.

Cheers to many many many more years of NWT!



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