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Harbor Re(port) - No Wrong Turns
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Harbor Re(port)

Night after night we were transfixed by the luminescence of the glowing lights at Meriken Park and the Harborland in the Port of Kobe. We had our first glimpse of these attractions during one of our long evening walks.

Kobe’s Harborland is made up of the Mosaic, an open air mall with lots of shops and restaurants (an arcade too!), and an outdoor amusement park. Meriken Park is home to the Kobe Port Tower and the Maritime Museum.

We visited this area on numerous occasions. Why?

  1. Because we moved to a hotel nearby halfway through our stay in Kobe.
  2. There’s a FERRIS WHEEL. Oh the nostalgia! We must have seen this ferris wheel dozens of times but we didn’t actually ride it until one of our last nights.
  3. Carmela got an incessant bout of food poisoning so this was the only place where we could go and zip right back to the hotel for any…um, emergencies.
  4. We won the Jackpot on Fortune Orb and had to go back and use up the rest of our tokens.



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