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FAQs - No Wrong Turns
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Q: Around the world? Where exactly are you going??
A: Here’s our itinerary: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Easter Island, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan, the Maldives, Turkey, Spain & Germany.

Q: When do you get back?
A: Tuesday, May 22nd

Q: What do you take on a trip around the world?
A: We’re trying to travel light and are only taking one book bag each. Check out our packs!


Q: How can you afford such a trip?
A: We worked hard, started an ING direct deposit “travel” bucket (thanks Ramit Sethi of www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com) and many of the costs have also been offset by the generous Honeyfund donations from our family and friends (thanks everyone!!).

Q: Can I come too?
A: Of course! We’ve been asking folks to join us on any of our stops along the way.

Q: Are you crazy?!?
A: A little bit



Spam you say?
Nope! Just spam mu-su-bay.