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Ippudo: Ramen - No Wrong Turns
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Ippudo: Ramen

We’ve tried the popular, line out the door, Ippudo of New York and unlike everyone else who has eaten there, we have yet to return. Yes, the pork buns were very tasty, but overall, the ramen was much too salty (maybe it was the dish we ordered?). Maybe they/we were having a bad day – we will never know. Whatever the case may have been, our sentiments towards Ippudo of Japan were a complete 180! (Thanks for bringing us there, Tyler!!)

The gyoza (pot stickers) was so good!! Perfectly seared on one side with steamy goodness on the other! Of course, the ramen is the main attraction.

As an added bonus, they were open really late. One night, we finished eating at around 2:30am and some people were just arriving!



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