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"Japan Town." The Real One! - No Wrong Turns
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“Japan Town.” The Real One!

It has been a long time coming. Japan has been one of those places so high on our hit list that quite honestly, it was bound to disappoint. Sure, Carmela has been there already, but she fell terribly ill during her previous visit, and this was her chance to make peace. Besides, Raymund took two semesters of Japanese in college, and could sing the Toys ‘R Us song in the native tongue – how could we falter, right?

Right! Well, sort of. Yes, unfortunately, Carmela once again got the food bug. But all things considered, with the help of good company and fantastic tips, Japan has left a lasting memory for us in our honeymoon around the world.

As you may have figured, Japan was the longest stop on our journey. Considering the recurrence of a few themes throughout our three weeks, we decided to deviate from our usual daily updates in order to streamline the numerous highlights of our time in Japan.


On the JR Narita Express to Tokyo.



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