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Lost and Found - No Wrong Turns
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Lost and Found

If we haven’t established before, let us do so now — throughout this trip, in pretty much every stop, we’ve gotten lost…most of the time on purpose. This gives us a chance to see much more of an area and discover little surprises along the way, even though sometimes we end up walking in circles or find ourselves miles from our hotel or apartment.

No wrong turns, right?

This technique worked to our benefit as we left the Meiji Shrine and went in search of our beloved DIY okonomiyaki. Without a proper map or internet access, we walked down numerous winding streets unable to find our foodie destination. Somewhat dejected and wary of the impending nightfall, we saw a bright light leading us here…

….Karahashi Table Tennis Shop!

Like a kid in a candy store (or Carmela in a bakery), Raymund gawked at the plethora of options available. Since we didn’t have a chance to do any research on the newest products, we relied on Mai, the resident expert, to help us figure out what to buy. A combination of Google translate and creative charades also to facilitated the purchasing process.

Take a peek at the paddle (and the player) in action!



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