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Meat-evil X, Part 2 - No Wrong Turns
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Meat-evil X, Part 2

Argentina, as many of you know, is really famous for their beef and malbec. Though we received many recommendations about where to experience a parrilla, our hunger on the night of February 24th made it imperative to find something close by. Thanks to the internets, we found Río Alba.

First, we decided on our wine.

Needless to say, that thing could have fed 6 people easily.. for two days! The only down side was that it included parts like intestines and liver. :/

We tried them anyway, but could not develop the palate for it. However, we still wobbled away with enough leftovers for dinner the next night.

It didn’t seem fair to indulge in all that protein without consuming some vegetables, so we ordered what turned out to be one of our favorite salads ever. Very simple with just lettuce, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, mushrooms, avocados, oil and lemon juice… but so delicious.

This was undoubtedly the most full we have ever felt in our lives, but we just couldn’t miss dessert… dulce de leche crêpe with vanilla ice cream and lemon cream wafers!!

Yeah, it was that good..

Thanks, Río Alba! (read: we hate you and will see you tomorrow)



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