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Mumbai Mood - No Wrong Turns
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Mumbai Mood

Some of you may be asking, “how do you choose the songs you’ve used in your videos?” Great question. 

Whenever we travel, our sensitivity to sensory stimuli is greatly heightened. The sights and smells are often first to be triggered. But, like a plane flying overhead, the soundtrack of our exploration can either trail closely behind, or get lost in the cacophony of our surroundings. We try and highlight those moments whenever we possibly can. 

For instance, It’s not unusual to find us standing on the side of the road recording the beat of a tuk tuk exhaust. The easiest wins are songs played in restaurants, cabs, malls and movies, thanks to applications like Shazam and SoundHound. Usually, these details would get buried in our hard drives with the rest of our documentation. But, editing videos have provided such a great outlet to commemorate our experiences and relive those wonderful times.

Significantly slower in pace than the songs used thus far, this major tune from the Gully Boy soundtrack hits all the right notes to put is in that Mumbai mood. (Password: namaste)

Sana went above and beyond with her generous hospitality. She welcomed us into her home for a multi-course meal cooked by her mother and took us on a food tour of her neighborhood and beyond. These are the kinds of connections we crave and we are super thankful to have met her in Chiang Mai three years ago.



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