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Must We Leave? - No Wrong Turns
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Must We Leave?

R: [looking at fireplace] “Can we turn this on?”
C: “Yeah, it’s electric.”
R: [starts doing electric slide]

Surely, we had a moment. A moment, which threaded the line between stressless bliss and reservation abandoned. The ingredients to this holiday brew were surely to blame. Between Bob Ross scenery and activity overload, the air was ripe with satisfaction.

We perused the pamphlets over toasted PB and J’s and set off for the main office to book our excursions. With the next few days planned, there really was nothing left to do except to try out Amit-recommended Victoria Bitter (biggups!!), pop our complimentary bottle of wine (for spending over $250 on adventures) and get psyched for the sites to come with the help of one particular DVD: Lord of the Rings.


There was a large selection of community titles for the guests to share, many of which had some sort of relevance to the country (i.e. The Last Samurai, Whale Rider, The Endless Summer, etc.)

After geeking out over The Fellowship, we traced the shore into the city center, stopping only to snap shots, skip rocks and people watch.

We went back for round two with the Ferg, and managed to return less defeated than the previous night. The only stars we saw were guiding us home. There were so many stars in the sky, we barely had to crank our necks higher than the horizon to see them!



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