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My Grandfather Planted that Tree - No Wrong Turns
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My Grandfather Planted that Tree

After such a full and exhausting day, we had a pretty rough start this morning. Luckily, we scheduled a day trip with Alvaro (and many other guests at the hotel) in a van. He told us many fascinating stories about Rapa Nui history and his family’s contributions that it was somewhat hard to believe it all, especially when he pointed to the various palm trees and said his grandfather planted them. But after seeing pictures of Alvaro’s grandfather at Rano Raku restoring the first Moai, we knew we we’d be foolish to doubt him.

The highlights of our excursion included places not typical to other tours as well as the major stomping grounds. Here they are in the order we visited them:

Natural blowhole


Ranu Raraku

Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Te Pitu Kura




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