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Old Friends in New Places - No Wrong Turns
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Old Friends in New Places

We survived almost an entire week in Tokyo – navigating through the elaborate (and inexplicably clean) subway system, mastering the art of charade-like communication, and using our Google skills to satisfy our hunger pangs. However, we found so much comfort in some familiar faces – well, for Carmela at least.

Izumi, Mami, and Yuki studied at the College of Saint Elizabeth with Carmela as part of the International Student Program. They now live and work in various areas of Tokyo and all came together for a mini-reunion to welcome us to their hometown.

We met in front of the famous Ginza Wako and took off for an express tour of the city where we stood at the base of the Tokyo Tower, oogled at the largest Uniqlo in Tokyo, played with the exhibits at Studio Ghibli, saw the most eccentric dog grooming studio – ever, and had a yummy yakitori dinner at Gonpachi in the Roppongi neighborhood.

Aside from updating each other on life’s current happenings, our friends demystified some questions we had about Japanese culture, particularly our bewilderment at the multitude of incredibly inebriated businessmen on almost every night of the week (in addition to standard practices, going away parties are common this time of the year). Combine that with our discovery of a shared love for the original silent library – the hours, drinks, and plates of skewered deliciousness just flew by.

Domo arigato, Izumi, Mami & Yuki!



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