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Rain on Rokko Mountain - No Wrong Turns
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Rain on Rokko Mountain

We love the rain.

Many times on this trip, we’ve embraced rain showers and downpours. The same was true during our visit to Rokko Mountain.

Since we’ve stayed in the city during most of our time in Japan (aside from that stupidly fun night of waterfall mountain hiking), Tyler suggested that we take the funicular up to the top of the mountain. A hike would have been an admirable alternative and an effective way to work off some of the yummy and calorie-pumped food we’ve been eating, but the mountain was steep and we started our day rather late.

More importantly, we’ve developed a fondness for funiculars because, you know, they’re just so FUN (wahaha), but seriously there is something oddly exhilarating about trusting a sturdy cable to propel us up what feels like a vertical climb for miles. We even (half jokingly) speculated about what we would do if the wire snapped. Consensus: time the jump so as to not land into any of the steep fall offs but rather onto any of the massive trees close to the cable track. But don’t wait too long or else the velocity at which you’d smack the tree would be enough to knock you out. Piece of cake. Glad we ironed out the details.

The sun was gleaming when we arrived the base of the mountain, but soon after reaching the top, those familiar droplets of rain started falling on us that eventually progressed to a full blown rain storm. We brushed it off and continued our waterlogged trek into the botanical garden where the rain subsided and the sun tried to peek out to dry us off (insert sunny beat here). The rain seems to have a way of stopping at the most opportune times.

Some fresh air, trees, rain, and sunshine —not a bad day at all.



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