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Santiago by Night and Day - No Wrong Turns
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Santiago by Night and Day

With only a few days in Santiago, we wanted to make the most of our short time here.

After our long bus ride and barely any food all day, we indulged in some Chilean flavors including conger eels, pollo al pil pil and pisco sours over at Liguria (thanks for the recommendation, Hector!)

Then we admired the night skyline from our roof…

The next day we took the funicular up to the Statue of the Virgin – not quite as massive as Corcovado – atop Parque Metropolitano, but easily blessed with some of the most inspirational views in South America

Instead of riding the fun(veh)icular back, we decided to take on the mountain by foot amid all the cyclists and runners. Despite it being all downhill, it was a bit exhausting at times (probably altitude.. hopefully?) Luckily, throughout the descent, there were a handful of lookout points we used as excuses to rest and snap some photos.



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