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So Many Uniqlos - So Little Luggage Space - No Wrong Turns
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So Many Uniqlos – So Little Luggage Space

“OMG there’s a Uniqlo!” one of us exclaims as we pass by it on the train.

5 minutes after walking from train station

“OOHH! There’s another one!”

Walk a couple more blocks

“And ONE more!!”

Our devotion to this store is serious and our desire to buy almost everything in sight in every color is intense. These emotions are even more heightened since there are countless items we’ve yet to see in the US, where there are only 2 locations compared to the roughly 700 in Japan.

We are rarely this enthused about clothing stores. Uniqlo is the exception because of its simple designs and innumerable color options, which is why clothes from there are a staple in both our wardrobes. Alas, we had to curb our shopping urges since our luggage space was limited to our modest 40L packs.

Our credit cards did not remain holstered for long though since one of us, in true flashpacker fashion, decided to do a “swap out” – buy 4 Uniqlo shirts and donate 4 old Uniqlo shirts to the company’s textile recycling program. We also did pick up a couple items that were way too innovative and uniq(ue)lo to pass up.



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