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So we saw a man bathing in a cemetery - No Wrong Turns
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So we saw a man bathing in a cemetery

… and some incredible architecture as well in Recoleta Cemetery! Most importantly, it contains the mausoleums of many notable Argentineans, the most famous of which is Eva Peron.. so important that 26 (or was it 29?) cats were placed in the cemetery and are fed daily in exchange for rodent control!

Our tour guide, Estella, led us through the cemetery and highlighted some of the notable structures. Because there are almost 5000 of them, it’s nearly impossible to examine each and every one. Almost like a city within a city, the cemetery would easily take the better part of a day to get through it all.

The highlight of the tour was easily when our guide took us into an open mausoleum!! Unfortunately, only one of us had the nerve to go in..



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