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Street Scenes - No Wrong Turns
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Street Scenes

We didn’t have to visit a museum or know the local language to really experience Tokyo. Simply taking a walk around the city streets had us stopping in awe of some very eccentric fashion statements, lots (and lots!) of people, and towering, bright buildings.

We didn’t have to visit a toy store to find dolls. Many of the perfectly primped women, donned with detailed accessories and pristine outfits could have been porcelain figurines. On the other hand, the younger ones had more playful take on fashion.

We didn’t have to visit a zoo to see some animals. At a popular meeting point at Shibuya station, is the statue of Hachikō who, based on a true story, was a dog that met his owner Hidesaburō Ueno at the station when he returned from work every day. Sadly, the owner passed away, but Hachikō remained faithful and returned to Shibuya station every day for the next nine years.

We didn’t have to even cross the street to experience the order and calmness exuded by the people. Shibuya is also the home of the busiest crosswalk in the world. About one million people pass through this intersection every day. The amazing part is that these thousands of people manage to make it through so systematically and with little commotion. A far cry from the tumultuous and haphazard crossings in NYC. See for yourself.



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