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Sun Salutations - No Wrong Turns
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Sun Salutations

Salutation (salyəˈtāSHən)— noun. A gesture or utterance made as a greeting or acknowledgment of another’s arrival or departure.

We’ve documented and posted just a few of the countless sunrises and sunsets that we’ve seen on this trip. In the Maldives, the sun was much more intense (probably because we were just one degree from the equator), which made these seemingly routine events that herald the morning and evening so much more remarkable.

Each time we witness these events, it provokes different emotions in us. In this country, these sensations were much more distinct. As we watched the sunrises and sunsets in the Maldives our feelings of wonder and awe transitioned into an overwhelming sense of gratitude. First, for the ability to see so many astounding places with our own eyes, but more importantly, for the chance to share these truly once in a lifetime moments with each other.

We are blessed. Really and truly blessed.



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