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Taking It to the Steets - No Wrong Turns
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Taking It to the Steets

Many travel blogs and forums spoke of how Buenos Aires is a great city to discover by foot. Since we got a pretty good lay of the land from our walking tour and driving tour, we set out on a longer excursion today with the end goal of eating at Caseros, a restaurant in San Telmo.

Since it was Sunday, there was an immense sense of calm and quiet over the city. Many businesses were closed and there also seemed to be less traffic than usual.

We meandered through the streets and got sucked in by the tantalizing odors for the pastelerías that seem to be on every corner. Our stomachs allowed for “only” three stops, though.

As we approached the obelisk, one of the main attractions of Buenos Aires, we heard lots of screaming and yelling. What we first thought was some type of political rally turned out to be a massive gathering of the Buenos Aires Justin Bieber fan club. Every time traffic would stop the young fans would scream, sing songs (Justin! Olé, olé, olé!), and spray unassuming cars with silly string.

Stopped to take a breather (both spiritually and physically) at the Catedral Metropolitana

Eventually made it to the pink house, Casa Rosado, which is the Presidential mansion. We opted out of the formal tour and got creative with the photography exhibit

Made it to San Telmo and negotiated our way through the weekly market on Defensa street. With our target destination less than 10 minutes away, we decided to stop for an “appetizer” and made a pit stop at a parrilla for ribs, beer, and agua “con gas”

We finally made it to Caseros, only to find that it, like many other restaurants, was closed

Luckily, a place next door, Hierbabuena, was open and had some satisfying (and relatively healthy) sandwiches and smoothies. It was a great reward after a long day of walking.



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