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the Blues - No Wrong Turns
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the Blues

The water and islands of the Maldives are breathtaking…wait no…beautiful, that’s not right — to put it simply, they can’t be accurately described with just a word or phrase.

We spent a lot of time lazily cruising around the atolls and just watching…taking it all in. Photos don’t convey the bright crystal blue waters that made us reach for our sunglasses, the clean smell of the sea air or the undulation of the boat. Alas, this is the only medium that we can share this marvel with our readers.

Sadly, with all this beauty comes a sobering reality. The Maldives may soon become a lost paradise.  With the average altitude of the country just above sea level, global warming and the rising water levels threaten the existence of the island nation. The former president, Mohamad Nasheed was working tirelessly as an advocate for environmental change, but was recently ousted from office by a military coup.

We ponder about how we can ensure that the generations after us will be able to experience the Maldives like we did, but remain continually thankful for the opportunity to see this country and meet its people.



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