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Tourist Fail Avoided - No Wrong Turns
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Tourist Fail Avoided

An emergency breakfast run had us leaving the apartment for some coffee and pastries at Cafe Tomas, the corner spot just below our apartment.

Reconnaissance naturally followed as there were a few recommended restaurants and bars in our neighborhood that we were interested in locating for future reference. Before we knew it, we found ourselves at the foot of Las Ramblas and fast approaching La Bocqueria.

Dare we enter such a festival of eye candy without our beloved cameras?! Hell no! We swallowed our pride-filled distaste for backtracking and returned to the apartment. The reward included tons of sensory treats.

The entrance was flanked by vendors selling freshly sliced jamón. A plethora of fresh juice and smoothie purveyors competed for customers while vegetable vendors didn’t need to struggle to sell their fresh and unique produce.

Check out the spoils of our many encounters with a smaller, yet much more satisfying Spanish counterpart to the infamous Turkish spice market.


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