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Tower of Babelfish - No Wrong Turns
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Tower of Babelfish

Though we arrived in Auckland, it wasn’t necessary to settle in as we were planning on heading to Queenstown first thing the next morning. With just a night to hold us over, it was a “choice” (hi, New Zealand) chance to keep our pockets full in order to save our tokens for South Island. Enter Best Western.

Close to the airport, free transfers, free internet and a plaza within walking distance sporting cheap eats and a liquor store, it was a no-brainier really.

We spent most of our day planning the rest of our time in NZ and recuperating from time travel.

One thing is for sure, it was super refreshing to finally drop our broken Porto/Span/French-glish and return to the comfort of English. Too bad some Kiwis fancied harsh slang and alien idioms!

For dinner, we returned to the mini mall for some Indian food…and chips!




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