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Turkish Delights - No Wrong Turns
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Turkish Delights

“Yes, tours are okay, but, for me I can sit here and look at this…

…all day.” This is the wise opinion of our hotel owner, Mehmet, when we asked him about the tour we took of the underground city Derinkuyu the previous day.

Taking his advice, we decided to spend our last day in Turkey updating our blog, reading, and backing up photos against this beautiful backdrop.

Half way through the day, our hankering for more Turkish food (we really couldn’t get enough) prompted us to head into town for pide. Not only did we get pide, but we also caught the tail end of a party of some sort. Women were dressed up in costumes and were performing some type of parody. We couldn’t figure out what was going on but they happily posed for a picture.

This hilarity was followed by an impromptu hike to Love Valley. Note that one of us took this on Tarahumara style, only wearing flip-flops.

Sans map and with some haphazard directions from the curator of the El Nazar Church where we made a quick visit, we found ourselves attempting to scale deteriorating rock formations while trying to appear harmless to the wild horses roaming close by.

Some slippery slopes and dusty bums later, we resorted to taking the paved road the other less adventurous tourists followed. In a matter of moments, we reached our destination. Various adjectives came to mind about how to describe it, but we’ll leave it to you.

So readers, you fill in the blank. This is definitely one of the most _____________ places we’ve ever been.



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