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We're Not on the 139 Anymore - No Wrong Turns
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We’re Not on the 139 Anymore

We never looked at each other with such bewilderment as often as while we traveled through Turkey via bus, especially our trip from Pamukkale to Kas.

Only on the intra-Turkey bus lines would one find any of the following:

  • The bus picks up a mysterious looking man by the side of the road who later takes over for the bus driver
  • In the middle of the hills, with virtually no one in sight, a passenger briefly disembarked to deliver a package to an unassuming woman standing on the side of the road.
  • Bus stops don’t exist. Passengers are dropped off at will even if that point is at the steep curve of a mountainous highway.
  • During a pit stop in Cimeli two of the staff people pulled out a roll of carpet from underneath the bus and began to (can’t help it) cut a rug. The cut up rug then returned back to the underbelly of the bus.
  • Strange baggage abounded — plastic egg crates, satchels of freshly baked bread, unwieldy bags of plastic bottles, even bigger bags filled with oranges
  • Women on the side of the roads are surrounded by chickens, dogs, goats, and sheep moving harmoniously alongside the bus.

It could have been possible that we don’t know how to read road signs, but on more than one occasion, the bus turned in the opposite direction of our intended route, but somehow we ended up in Kas, nearly 9 hours after leaving Pamukkale.

Though we were famished from our full day of travel, our food radar was on point. We made a couple of loops around town before finding Eniste’nin Yeri, a kebab & pide house, which was devoid of any tourist and had one of our best meals in Turkey.

There’s no place like it.






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